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As we all know, water is the liquid of life.

Along with clean air – nothing is more important to humans than a reliable, easily accessible supply of clean, safe water.

Few scenarios call for the vital demand of adequate water than working and living in remote, rugged, industrial camps and work sites. If a camp runs out of water it cannot operate; no dish washing, cooking, coffee, showers or laundry … Life gets, literally, quite messy.

That's where we come in.


Choose from our 3 varying sizes of laundry units, as well as from a variety of options, including washer and dryers, propane storage, stationary or mobile, water storage and more.


Ideal for additional storage to maximize truck load deliveries. Water is transferred to pressurized distribution units for larger camps. Allow for adequate fire water storage.


Our system can extinguish a fire in the mud tank or prevent the spread of fire from a drilling platform to the tank by providing operators with an easy to install/operate and cost effective fire suppression system.

Camp Connect specializes in providing sensible water solutions to remote
industrial work locations and projects, such as oil rigs and pipeline camps.

We can trouble shoot and service any job, no matter the size or challenge, including providing water during disaster relief situations.