Working to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Lots of companies promise the world but seldom deliver. At Camp Connect, we keep our word and always meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

We know that when it comes to servicing remote camps and industrial sites, the work needs to be done now and done right.  Camp Connect has a proven track record of reliability and practicality when servicing remote sites in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Experience is key in running any effective and successful business, and it was his own personal work experience that inspired Luc to start Camp Connect Services. Luc spent 12 years on (and in) the ground working oil patches throughout Western Canada. During his time toiling in camps, Luc experienced firsthand the need for reliable, clean and plentiful supplies of water on the job.

Luc took that experience and opened his water storage rental company in 2011.

Over the years, Camp Connect has been relied on by numerous businesses for a variety of reasons, including forestry crews performing fire suppression, and disaster relief such as assisting flood victims in Calgary Alberta during the flood of 2013.

“I recognized the demand of camps as they evolved from smaller rig camps to 100 person camps and up. Water delivery trucks can only carry so much so often, and have to make multiple trips.  Deliveries can be delayed for various reasons, weather, roads, break downs, and those delays can go on for days so it’s prudent for oil /camp companies to have additional storage on hand. When a camp runs out of potable water it cannot safely operate.” ~ Luc Lainey

Reliable Equipment for Reliable Work

Aside from their professional, no-nonsense approach to job challenges, Camp Connect is also recognized in the industry as reliable because they use the very be stand most dependable equipment. All units are designed to work under extreme conditions, including as much as 70 degree swings in temperature.