Camp Connect has designed a system for cost effective
fire suppression within the energy sector.

Increased use of oil-based drilling fluids in the industry has bolstered the risk of fluid related fires, particularly in mud tanks used in the drilling operations.

Our system can extinguish a fire in the mud tank or prevent the spread of fire from a drilling platform to the tank by providing operators with an easy to install/operate and cost effective fire suppression system. The system is designed for easy installation and removal, and is built with rugged, industry proven components that can handle the demands of the environment.

Our fire suppression system can be activated with a single button press. Activation stations are available at multiple locations, and a hand line allows for manual operation to fight fire anywhere on the platform.

Housed inside an industrial, heated and skidded 20-foot storage unit that provides location flexibility, the system is easily moved from site to site. A 10 HP diesel motor and pump is stationed inside the container.

Onsite setup is simple and foolproof. The combination of 55 gallons of FlameOut and 500 gallons of water provide a full 6 minutes of continuous firefighting. The FlameOut foam concentrate blankets the area with a layer of fire suppressing foam. FlameOut is a class A/B non-toxic, environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable firefighting foam.

Camp Connect’s unit includes lighting, heat, insulation, and an exhaust port.

If required, a second system can be installed in the storage unit. Several optional upgrades are available included.


Yanmar 10 hp diesel
Davey 2 stage pump
Around the pump foam induction
Electric Start
Deep cycle 12V battery with AC charger
110 gallons FlameOut firefighting foam
100 Gallon Tank (FlameOut reservoir)
6 foam aspirating nozzles
6 nozzle brackets designed for easy set up and tear down
50 feet of 1 ½” hose (Optional up to 1000 ft.)
8 lengths of ¾” high pressure fire resistant interconnecting hose

Distribution manifold
Includes all plumbing and fittings
20 ft. sea can
1750 Imperial gallon capacity water reservoir
Spray foam insulated
30 amp power required 220 volt AC
Heated, forced air heater, electric (all wiring to code)
Interior and exterior lighting
Interior receptacles
Steel man door, 36 inch, keyed entry
Plumbing to fire pump (plumbing to code

Reliable Equipment for Reliable Work

Aside from their professional, no-nonsense approach to job challenges, Camp Connect is also recognized in the industry as reliable because they use the very be stand most dependable equipment. All units are designed to work under extreme conditions, including as much as 70 degree swings in temperature.