Mobile (on skids), heated, water storage units with
pump systems to accommodate the customer.

Ideal for additional storage to maximize truck load deliveries. Water is transferred to pressurized distribution units for larger camps. Allow for adequate fire water storage.

Pressurized units, water source is either trucked in or fed by a well.

Ideal for potable water storage for laundry facilities, wash cars and fire protection.

Water storage units can be equipped with foam induction unit capable of holding off forest fires.

Units are available for disaster relief where potable water is contaminated.

Construction is durable and cold resistant; reliability is proven year after year.


Heated water storage
Mobile on skids
Pump system
Optional 3500 imperial gallon
Optional 7000 imperial gallon
Optional 10000 imperial gallon

Reliable Equipment for Reliable Work

Aside from their professional, no-nonsense approach to job challenges, Camp Connect is also recognized in the industry as reliable because they use the very best and most dependable equipment.
All units are designed to work under extreme conditions, including as much as 70 degree swings in temperature.